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A boutique company focused on the following activities 

  • Representing innovative medical technologies of multinational companies in the Israeli market by way of sales, marketing, clinical studies and strategic investments in Israel .

  • Providing Business Development & Distribution services to Med-tech companies in global markets, via its sister company GADY Group. For more information visit us at  

  • Co-managing MaC Fund – The first Israeli-Korean Venture Capital that invest in Israeli and Korean med-tech companies and other companies. For more information visit us at


VNS- Vagus Nerve Stimulation
For drug resistant epilepsy patients

(קוצב העצב הטועה (וגאלי
הינו קוצב המיועד לטיפול בחולי אפילפסיה עמידים לטיפול תרופתי
CCM & the Optimizer System
For treating moderate to severe heart failure

קוצב בעל טכנולוגיה חדשנית לטיפול באי ספיקת לב בינונית עד חמורה
Emfit Sensor
Epilepsy alarm for epileptic tonic-clonic seizures

חיישן לזיהוי והתרעה של התקפים אפילפטיים
StimRouter System
A permanent option that provides clinically proven relief for chronic peripheral pain, Overactive Bladder & Fecal Incontinence.
BNA™ System
Revolutionary way of seeing and mapping the brain
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ADDRESS: Kibbutz Glil-Yam, Herzliya Israel 4690500

TEL: +972-(0)9-9546426

Kibbutz Glil-Yam, Herzliya Israel 4690500